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Take me

EP (2021)



Mundo is a spacial journey.

Impossible places are created departing from images of the Earth, treated as they where a painting by MC Escher.


Direction, depth, melodies, instruments, colours appear in counterintuitive places. Yet the fantastic landscape behaves organically. 

The album is strongest on headphones as a visual experience dictated by sound. 

Mundo [2018]

Three electronic EPs




This piece was written in 2012 in its acoustic version for a music-theater performance, and in 2018 in its electroacoustic version.
The cellist does not use the bow. 
The pizzicato together with the music language reminisces faint memories of  Spain and Argentina. 


Cello and electronics

Pierre Niviere, Director
Doris Hochscheid, Cello
Federica Dalla Pozza, performer

Alice Heron, art director
Alice Sprascio, assistant art director

Pierre Niviere, director of photography

Xinzhu Wu, assistant director of photography
Jaja Sohn, choreographer


Bart de Kater on Basset-Horn

Videoclip of my electroacoustic track Warheads. 

The title refers to the nuclear weapons. It is a commentary on our over-militarised and violent society  we seem to keep building.

Filmed in Paradiso (Amsterdam) by the audience with their phones.

Edited by Sergio Gridelli.
Music by Diego Soifer, for basset-horn and electronics.

Basset-horn and electronica


Film music and sound

When the moon meets the sun

Short film

Studio recordings


Studio recordings


CD Recording Clarinet quartet

The first album of Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet includes 2 tracks I composed for them.

Springlevend - NAKK - Soifer
00:00 / 00:00
Those who remain - NAKK - Soifer
00:00 / 00:00

¡¿Qué fiesta?!

Studio recording ensemble piece

¡¿Qué fiesta?! - Soifer
00:00 / 00:00

This work was a commission from Nederlands Jeugd Orkest for a festive piece for the Gran Partita instrumentation, performed at Radio Kotwijk and the Onmisport for a massive audience, as part of the Congress of the Dutch institution of mayors (VNG). 

In this studio recording:
Oboes - Arthur Klaassens, Esther van der Ploeg
Clarinets - Lily Molnar, Astrid den Daas
Basset Horns - Heleen Oomen, Mayuko Tekeda
Bassoons - Joeri Deckers, Georgie Powell
Horns - Hanna Guirten, Felix Peijnenborgh, Mees Vos, Rinske van Oosterhout, Susanna ten Wolde
Contrabass - Benjamin de Boer

Conductor - Jasper de Waal 

Recording engineer - Tom Peeters (Cobra Records)

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