Born in Buenos Aires in 1981, I studied music since an early age. As a teenager it became clear I would dedicate my life to music. I was studying classical and jazz piano, but never enjoyed being onstage. Even though I had been making musical experiments by myself, I didn't quite know that being a composer was a possibility until I ran into Daniel Montes, who became my teacher for 5 years. He gave me the fundamental technique of writing music and a particularly open attitude towards art. With him I studied composition, counterpoint, harmony, analysis, ear-training and improvisation.

At the age of 21 I moved to Toronto, Canada. I studied at the University of Toronto, whose head of the Composition department was Gary Kulesha. My composition technique advanced a lot with him. I got a Bachelor Degree with Honors, and moved to Europe.

I've lived in The Netherlands since 2005. Studied at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague with many teachers (Richard Ayres, Cornelis de Bondt, Yannis Kyriakides, Martijn Padding, Diderik Wagenaar and Louis Andriessen). I received a Master Degree and the Nicolaïfonds prize.

I've been selected for several composition workshops: Nouvel Ensemble Moderne Forum 2010 for music and video art in Montreal, Canada; Ostrava Days 2009 in Czech Republic; Young composers meeting 2009 in The Netherlands; and Prometheus ensemble 2008 in Antwerp, Belgium.

During the past years I have worked in different fields such as ensemble concert music, theater, dance and film. I have collaborated with artists like Asko/Schoenberg, New Trombones Collective, Het Gelders Orkest, Stolz quartet, Duo Attema-Haring, , Kameroperahuis, Consortium Amsterdam, ensemble MAE, ensemble Klang, Leine&Roebanna, Alida Dors, Fast Opera Productions, Njwebyrth (contemporary music on period instruments), Brahms Trio Prague, Orkest De Ereprijs, Jyväskylä Sinfonia, and Continuum among others.

I also worked with Youth Orchestras and wrote a music-theatre piece performed for around 6000 children every year during 4 full days, as part of Wonderlijke Klanken: an event were they have their first contact with contemporary music, and the chance of seeing the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam from inside with their school class.


For more detailed info, please see my CV